Single Room System


Any budget single room system

We offer a very low budget single room system. This can include just equipment to control your existing set-up or all equipment necessary including a TV unit with hidden wiring, lighting and can even include speakers! 

This budget single room system is still capable of controlling not only your TV, Sky/Virgin, Apple TV and any other sources but also lighting, heating and even you door locks! This is the low budget single room install that is just as good as any high end install! 

Fully built system

We can offer a system that is completely connected ready to go including the TV unit. We can offer off the shelf units or complete custom Joinery in partnership with our Joinery partner. These can be built to spec before and will just need plugging in when they are delivered.

LED lighting surrounding or internal to the unit offering something that stands out and is perfect for that movie night!

Remote and iPad/iPhone control

The single room system with any of our control systems will come with a remote control and will also be able to be controlled with any smart device such as an iPad or iPhone! 

Contact us now for a limited time offer of free installation on single room installs